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"Iíve had a number of dogs and cats over the years and dealing with the summer flea issue has always been a problem.

Flea Control Secrets is full of valuable information that is difficult to find.

I was especially interested in what the EPA had to say about the flea products I have used. Wow, now that was an eye-opener!

Flea Control Secrets has helped me, Minnie and Myles to survive the attack of the fleas this summer in a much healthier manner!

Thank you so much!

If you want to end the flea problem for you and your animals once and for all, read this book!"

Flea Control Secrets Testimonial Linda Clark
Linda Clark
with Minnie & Miles
from San Marcos, California

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"Flea Control Secrets is essential reading for any pet parent who cares about the health and comfort of their furry family. The book provides extensive information about both the prevention and treatment of fleas and suggests practical natural alternatives. Be aware of the warning signs of flea infestation and the facts about over the counter and vet supply medications before you use them on your pets. Diana provides all the facts and resources you will ever need to protect your pets from fleas in one handy reference."

Testimonial Flea Control Danielle Chonody
Danielle Chonody with Tanner from Euless, Texas USA


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"I just finished reading your new ebook and would like to say thank you for writing Flea Control Secrets book for the welfare of our beloved dogs, cats and other animals.

Those of us unsuspecting owners might pick up the wrong treatments and are overwhelmed or face tragedy when something happens to our beloved pets.

My since departed little Lhasa Apso Melody was prescribed flea control meds from the veterinarian in Texas but when I put it on her she went into convulsions.

Later, I was told that I had probably put on a bit too much but ever since then I have been scared stiff of all the flea meds--even when it comes from the veterinarian.

So again thank you, thank you for doing this book - hopefully it will enlighten many people and they will be careful about what they use and pay close attention to how much they should apply."

Testimonial Flea Control Angela Carolyn
Angela Carolyn with Alia from Big Bear Lake, Callifornia USA



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"I thought I had tried everything in dealing with fleas over a lifetime as a cat owner but Flea Control Secrets proved that wrong and was a wonderful education!

The secret about Triangle of Flea Control was especially helpful too.

I prefer to combat fleas organically if at all possible so I especially liked that this book includes the home remedies as well as the over the counter brands.

It covers so much territory there, that you’ll want to take it with you to the store the next time you go to purchase flea control products.

Anyway, I immediately went to work using the organic methods recommended and they worked like a charm.

This book is well laid out and easy to use-- a must-have for any dog or cat owner!"

Flea Control Secrets Testimonial Elivia Melodey
Elivia Melodey
with Bahol
from Escondido, California USA

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"Flea Control Secrets is one of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading for learning about how to deal with a flea infestation. I have worked with many clients who were dealing with the horrible consequences of this sometimes devastating health issue. For myself and my clients, I want to know how to safely and effectively rid a home and a much loved animal friend of these pests.

Diana Guerrero does a splendid job in Flea Control Secrets of detailing what to look for when you suspect an infestation and how to eradicate them from your home and inside and outside your animal friend. Once your animal friend ingests fleas you have a host of other complications to deal with.

I am grateful to Diana for providing this comprehensive book on a common and terrible health risk, fleas. Diana has left no stone unturned in her quest to provide the most detailed resource on dealing with fleas. Her book, "Flea Control Secrets" is full of easy to follow remedies for conquering flea infestations. I highly recommend Flea Control Secrets to anyone who lives with and around animals.

After reading Diana Guerrero's book you will also be able to stop an infestation before it has a chance to escalate! Thank you Diana!"

Testimonial Flea Control Secrets Val Heart
Val Heart, with Razor Animal Communicator and from San Antonio, Texas USA



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"I've been a pet owner for nearly 40 years, and have battled fleas for all of them. I thought we had a good plan of attack - but after reading Flea Control Secrets, I realized that we'd left out several important aspects of real flea control - plus it doesn't have to be as toxic as we'd made it. This is especially important, not just for our pet's health, but for the health of our special-needs children. Thanks, Diana, for shedding light on an obscure but vital topic for all small pet owners!"

Testimonial Patricia
Patricia Reszetylo with Sparky from Grand Rapids, Minnesota USA

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"Flea Control Secrets isn't a book - it's an encyclopedia!

Obviously a LOT of time was spent researching and compiling this information. And I REALLY like the way it's put together! Very detailed and really well organized. I can just go right to the sections I want to know about and then "drill down" and get into the detaiIs fast.

And that's what this really is--a "reference book." It's something I can use and keep going back to if I need to. But by following your "three-pronged" system you laid out, I don't think I'll have to. Seems to handle the problem of fleas on all fronts!

There are a lot of great ideas but what really stood out were some of the things I thought were pretty basic, but turns out I really didn't have a clue:

  • "Tell-tale sign of flea infestation" (Never thought of it!)
  • "Non-toxic alternatives to flea traps" (Very cool!)
  • and the "flea water dip..."

I have to say, I never would have thought about what you said to do to make sure the fleas don't spread! (That alone will save hours of wasted effort.)

If someone is looking for information about controlling fleas, this is it. All of it.

You could spend days trying to search for information on the 'net and not even come close to getting this much information. And besides, who knows how much of that would even be useful (or accurate)? Don't bother.

It's all here. Buy it, read it, use it. Your dog or cat will thank you!"

Testimonial Flea Control Secrets Len Ferrera & Ashtor
Ashtor the dog of Len Ferrara from N.W. Ohio USA



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